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The applicants applying for normal e visa services or emergency e visa services have to take cognizance of the fact that the maintenance of internal security is one of the most prioritized aspect of any country. Likewise the government of India too keeps a close eye on the fact that no mischievous elements enter the Indian soil and disturb the peace and harmony here. The e visa application should furnish all the details required for visa approval in the format prescribed by the government.
The applicants can go through our Document requirement section in order to make sure that they prepare all the documents in the prescribed format and file size. Apart from this the rules for e visa application are different for different countries. The residents of a select group of countries are eligible to apply for the e visa services. To check if one's country's name appears in the list of countries allowed to apply for e visa services or not he/she can visit our Instructions for applicant section. In this section the applicant can also check if he/she fulfills all the basic criteria required for getting e visa approval.
The visa approval process is under the sole discretion of the Government of India officials. However we as an organization put our years of experience behind assuring that all our applicants receive their visa approvals on time. But we don't guarantee that the application will always lead to visa approvals owing to a range of factors. It's important that the applicants are informed about the various terms and conditions related to e visa approval. We are explaining the Terms and conditions into simple, easy to understand language so that the applicants are aware about the set of conditions and there is transparency in the whole process of applying for e visas for India.

Terms and conditions related to Fee payment
1. We charge an overall fees of USD 127. This includes the visa fee which is charged by the Government of India.
2.The Govt. fee for Indian e-visa is USD 75.00, USD 50.00, USD 25.00 depending on the nationality of the applicant. There is no fee from Govt. of Inida for few nationalities. We advise you to check the government fee on official website and then pay on our website. Once the application is paid and processed, the fee is 100% non-refundable.
3. The e-Visa fees has to be submitted at the time of filling up of application forms. If the payment is not received the application gets automatically cancelled.
4. Our organization begins the process for e-Visa services as soon as it receives payment and required documents for the services. Once the process has started it cannot be terminated and no refunds either partial or full is given even if the applicant wants to withdraw from the e-Visa application process.
5. The applicants won't be reimbursed under any circumstances regardless of the fact that he/she gets visa approval or not. This is in accordance to the Government of India directives related to e-Visa.
Terms and conditions related to Fee payment
1. The visa applicants have to provide all the relevant information essential for applying for e visa services including their names, postal addresses etc. as mentioned in their passports. Any anomalies will lead to the cancellation of their e visa applications.
2. Our team of dedicated professionals try and make sure that the applications are submitted in the Government of India prescribed format. We might ask for additional information in order to speed up the visa approval process. The applicants are requested to provide these details as and when required.
3. The applicants should be careful to not use this website for creating any sort of rift between various stratus of the society.
4. If any applicant is applying on behalf of an International tourist, he/she should have authorization from the traveler. Any error in filling up of details in the e visa application process has to be owed by the traveler and our organization takes no responsibility for it.
5. The documents to be submitted online have to be in English language only. The format and size of the documents should be according to the officially prescribed format.

Terms and conditions related to entry into India:
1. Merely getting a visa approval does not make an applicant eligible to gain access into the Indian Territory. The immigration officers at designated airports and seaports are the sole authorities controlling the influx of International tourists into India. They have the discretion of not allowing certain people to enter India. They are not entitled to give any specific reasons for denial of the visitor's entry into India.
2. The International tourists have to indulge in only those activities for which the e visa has been issued.
3. The e visas have a validity of 60 days from the date of arrival of the traveler into India. The validity cannot be extended.
4. The tourists who have applied for e visa do not gain access to the prohibited or sensitive areas in India. They are liable to be prosecuted if they are found indulging in it.
5. The e tourist visas and e business visas are valid for double entry while the e medical visas are eligible for triple entry.
6. Entry into the Indian Territory is allowed only at the designated airports and seaports whose list has been provided in the Instructions for applicant section.
7. The International travelers have to abide by the instructions of the local administration failing which he/she is liable to be deported.

This organization does not take any responsibility for the e visa applications getting disqualified by the Indian government authorities. We will email the visa cancellation proof to the applicant's email address. Any legal dispute arising from the process of visa application will be dealt with only at the Honorable High Court of New Delhi and nowhere else. We are a commercial website and charge service fees for our services. The applicants can directly visit the government of India's website and apply for e visa approval and avoid these additional charges. This organization can alter its terms and conditions whenever it deems fit. By using our website or by applying for e visa approval process through our website the applicant agrees to comply by the terms and conditions of this organization.


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