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Documents requirement

All the documents including visiting cards, invitations etc. should be submitted in English language only. Noncompliance may lead to cancellation of visa applications.

Previously tourists applying for visa for India had to visit the Indian consulate in their area and had to submit a range of documents there in order to get their visa approval. Now with the e visa services coming into effect the online visa applicants have to submit the soft copies of specific documents depending upon the type of visa they want to apply for. The soft copies should be in the prescribed format and size. Below we are providing the list of documents whose soft copies are required to complete the e visa application process. We are also providing the Government of India prescribed formats which the applicants should follow in order to successfully apply for e visa for India. The applicants can go through our Instructions for applicants' link to see if they fulfill all the criteria for applying for e visa services to India.

1. Digital photograph of the applicant:-
The applicant has to submit the soft copy of a recent photograph to apply for e visa. The digital photograph needs to be submitted in the exact format as given below.

(a) The uploaded digital photo should be in JPEG format.
(b) The minimum size of the uploaded photograph can be 10 KB while the maximum size can be 1 MB.
(c) The background should be either white or any other light shaded color.
(d) The whole face starting from hairs to the chin should be clearly visible in the photograph. There shouldn't be shadows on the face or on the background of the digital photograph.
(e) The photo should be of the full face and the eyes should be wide open. No photos with spectacles are allowed. The digital photo should be without any border.
(f) The height and width of the photograph must be same.

2. Scanned Bio page of the passport:-
Irrespective of the type of e visa the applicant is applying for he/she needs to upload the scanned bio page of the passport in which the details and applicant's photograph should be visible. The scanned copy of the bio page should be in PDF format. The minimum size of the scanned copy can be 10 KB while the maximum permissible limit is 300 KB. 

3. An additional document depending on the type of e visa:-
(a) International tourists applying for e tourist visa need not furnish any additional documents.
(b) Applicants for e business visas need to upload a copy of their business card. The soft copy of the business card should be in PDF format and can be of a minimum size of 10 KB and maximum of 300 KB.
(c) For getting approval for e medical visas the applicant has to upload the approval letter of the Indian medical institute where one is going to get treatment from. The approval letter should be on the letterhead of the hospital. The soft copy has to be in PDF format with a minimum size of 10 KB and maximum size of 300KB.

4. Documents required for e business visas under the GIAN (Global Initiative for Academic Networks):-
The International scholars who are applying for e business visas under the GIAN scheme need to submit few additional documents apart from the passport's bio page and digital photograph. The list of additional documents required are:
(a) A copy of the invitation of the host institute to the lecturer. (b) A copy of the GIAN authorization letter issued by the National Coordinating institute. (c) A copy of the synopsis of the lectures/courses/seminars which the lecturer is going to present. All these documents have to be submitted in PDF format with a file size of minimum 10 KB and maximum 300 KB. All these documents have to be in English language.


Step 1

Apply online

Upload Photo and Passport Page

Step 2
Pay visa fee online

Using Credit / Debit card

Step 3

Receive eVisa Online

e-Visa Will be sent to your e-mail

Step 4

Fly To India

Print eVisa and carry at the time of travel